Home Remedies for Gas Pain


Gas pains can be really troublesome. The pain can be so intense that you feel it’s serious illness. The following passage provides you with the possible home remedies for gas pain relief, causes and symptoms to help you acknowledge the problem.

Top home remedies for gas pain for gas pain relief are:

  • Make a mixture of ginger powder, pounded carom seed(ajwain) and black salt in equal quantities. Take the mixture after meal (1 gram) for fast relief from gas pain.
  • Take a small piece of ginger. Sprinkle a few drops of lemon juice over it. Add a pinch of black salt and take this while you are having meal.
  • Make a powder out of cinnamon and boil it in a glass of water. Take this while it is warm half hour before meal. This will prevent the formation of gas.
  • Make a powder out of 2 grams of Asafoetida (hing) and mix it in a glass of warm water. Take about 20ml of it twice a day.
  • Try teas with peppermint, chamomile or fennel to relieve gas pain. Peppermint contains menthol, which appears to have an antispasmodic effect on the smooth muscles of digestive tract. This is one of the most effective home remedies for gas pain.
  • If you have a severe pain try lying on your back, pulling your legs up to your chest. This can help to expel your gas. This is an immediate home remedy for gas pain.
  • Avoid consuming foods that affect you the most, such as high-fiber foods, dairy products, soda content drinks, beer, and other food products that cause excess gas.
  • If you experience burning sensation while passing stool and if stool is foul smelling then it is a sign that your colon contains toxic material. Follow a fasting program to eliminate these toxins
  • For a fast relief from bloating or heartburn you could go for brown rice or barley broth. You have to boil the mixture containing five parts of water and one part of grain. Boil this mixture for 10 minutes, uncovered. Now cover it and boil it on simmer for 50 to 55 minutes. Cool the liquid after straining it. Sip the strained liquid during the day for fast relief from gas problems
  • Do not eat food when you are tensed, upset or overtired
  • Do not drink liquid while eating food as this prevents proper digestion by diluting stomach juices
  • You can temporarily cut high-fiber foods and gradually build up the intake over the weeks.
  • Eat several small meals instead of eating two or three larger ones a day.
  • One of the simpler and effective home remedies for gas pain is to increase the amount of fluid you drink, especially water.
Avoid these Gas Causing Foods
  • Baked beans
  • Vegetables: Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, broccoli, onion
  • Chewing gum
  • Whole grain: whole wheat
  • Fruits: apples, peaches, pears
  • Sorbitol: Sugar free candies, gums
  • Carbonated drinks
Prevention from Gas

Let us have a look at some of the ways in which stomach gas can be prevented –

  • Eat Slowly: Eating fast can interfere with proper digestion of food.
  • Walk: Walk for a minimum of 500 mtrs after meals.
  • Reduce Fatty Foods: Digestion is slow if you take lot of fatty foods.
  • Avoid Food: With trial and error method you can find which foods affects you most. Avoid them.
  • Reduce Smoking: While inhaling smoke you can swallow air too hence avoid it for quick relief.
  • Straw: Avoid straw while drinking. You might swallow air while using straw for drinking liquids.
Causes of gas pain

Below are some of the primary causes of gas pain –

  • As we eat or drink we also swallow air. Sometime we may swallow air when we are nervous. This air finds its way into your lower digestive tract.
  • One of the main causes of gas pain is when bacteria in your colon, ferment carbohydrates that are not digested in your small intestines.
  • Even some of healthy foods such as, beans, peas and whole grains can cause gas to form, as these foods are high in fiber.
  • Dairy products consumption can also cause gas formation. It may be because your body is not able to break down the sugar (lactose) in dairy foods.
  • Use of certain medicines such as antibiotics and constipating drugs, also cause gas pain as they disrupt the normal bacterial flora that live in your bowel (part of the intestines).
  • Artificial sweetener like sorbitol and mannitol found in some sugar-free foods can also cause excess gas if your system cannot tolerate it.
  • Do eat in a hurry. Eating when you are on the run and under stress can interfere with digestion process and cause gas.
  • Smoking can also increase the amount of air you swallow.
Symptoms of gas pain

The primary gas pain symptoms includes sharp pains and jabbing cramps in your abdomen and these pains can change location quickly. Sometimes the pain is so intense that you feel it is serious illness like a heart problem, back pains and many others. This generally occurs when gas builds up in your intestines and are not expelled. The voluntary or involuntary passing of gas, either as belching (burp) or as flatus (gas generated in or expelled from the digestive tract) is also symptoms of gas pain.

Bloating and Gas Pain

Many people feel that they tend to pass gas or burp very often, which can be quite embarrassing and also cause much discomfort. On the whole the average adult tends to pass about 1 to 3 pints of gas every day, which comes out of the anus about 14 to 23 times in a day. Burping occasionally before having one’s meals is quite normal.

The amount of gas one produces depends upon one’s diet as well as other individual factors. Of course, most individuals who do complain of excessive gas actually pass usual amounts of gas.

Source of gas – Swallowing air is the most important source of the formation of the gas. It is of course quite natural to swallow small amounts of air while eating as well as drinking and when one is swallowing saliva. One may swallow more amounts of air when one was eating food rapidly, chewing gum, gulping liquids and even smoking.

Most of the air is got rid of through belching which results in only a relatively small amount of air passing through the stomach into one’s small intestine. One posture has an effect on how air passes into the small intestine.

Belching – Belching is either voluntary or may occur unintentionally. Involuntary belching is quite normal after one has one’s meals. This releases the air that enlarges or stretches one’s stomach. Belching is common with certain types of foods that tends to relax the ring shaped muscle. Located at the lower end of our esophagus where it tends to join the stomach. Such foods are chocolates, fats as well as peppermint.

Indigestion – Some carbohydrates are not easily digested, and results in gas. Quite a number of vegetables contain raffinose, such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage, asparagus, whole grains and broccoli. These cause a lot of flatulence and gas. Consuming a large amount of lactose can cause gas production.

Diseases – Those suffering from certain diseases such as scleroderma or diabetes usually experience the slowing down of the small intestine. This can result in the growth of bacteria in the inside one’s bowel. This causes poor digestion of nutrients as well as carbohydrates. These can also can cause gas production.

Functional dyspepsia – This refers to persistent pain in the upper part of the abdomen. Nerves that carry messages from our bowel movement tend to be overactive in the case of IBS. Many people complain of bloating.

Irritable bowel movement – This can also cause gas production and bloating. There are much changes in one’s bowel movement such as diarrhea or constipation. Nerves that carry messages from one’s bowel may be overactive.

Anus irritation or esophagus – Those who have irritation around their anus on account of hemorrhoids or several other problems may also face much discomfort and the passing of gas. Those who suffer from irritation of esophagus also experience burping that is quite painful.

Diet restrictions – One must avoid foods that tend to aggravate the condition. Foods such as dairy products, milk, some types of fruits as well as vegetables, artificial sweeteners and even carbonated beverages. One must maintain a record of foods that bother a person.

Yoga for the digestive system – Mayurasana

Mayura in Sanskrit means peacock. Mayurasana (the peacock posture) helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system. It enhances the circulation and supply of blood to the digestive organs and hence could prevent lots of digestive related problems.

  • Kneel keeping your knees twelve inches apart
  • Place the hands on the floor between the knees with your wrists facing forward and fingers pointing backward
  • Support both sides of the navel with your elbows
  • Balancing on your hands, raise your body and legs to a horizontal position. First raise the upper part of your body and then the legs
  • Stretch your legs a little wide like the letter V
  • Remain in this posture for few seconds
  • Return to the original position by slowly folding your legs and then placing your knees on the ground. Then sit on your soles

How to Quit Smoking | Steps to Quit Smoking

What is Smoking:

People start
smoking for a variety of different reasons. Some think it looks cool. Others start because their family members or friends smoke. Smoking is a practice in which a substance, most commonly tobacco or cannabis, is burned and the smoke is tasted or inhaled.

is an unhealthy behavior that can become an addiction. Smoking is bad for your health. Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body. Cigarette smoking causes 87 percent of lung cancer deaths. It is also responsible for many other cancers and health problems.


Symptoms of Smoking:

Some common symptoms of smoking include:

• Low level of Oxygen in blood.
• Smokey stink in clothes and hair.
• Nicotine stained fingers and teeth.
• Low tolerance for exercise or any other energetic activity.
• Smoker’s permanent cough.
• Cold hands and feet.
• Rapid
heart attacks.


Health Effects of Smoking:

* Tobacco smoke contributes to a number of cancers.

* Heart disease and strokes are also more common among smokers than non smokers.

* Smoking causes fat deposits to narrow and block blood vessels which leads to heart attack.

* Smoking causes around one in five deaths from heart disease.

* Lung cancer from smoking is caused by the tar in tobacco smoke.

* Carbon monoxide robs your muscles, brain and body tissue of oxygen, making your whole body and especially your heart work harder.

* One in two lifetime smokers will die from their habit. Half of these deaths will occur in middle age.


Smoking Remedies:

1. Drinking lots of water will assist to detoxify your body. Water is a powerful cleanser and using it at this critical period in your smoking cessation journey, will help fight off cravings and lessen the withdrawal symptoms. It will also flush nicotine out of your body system.

2. Vitamin A helps repair the mucus membranes which are damaged by smoking.

3. This helps addicts overcome nausea, one of the common symptoms of smoking withdrawal. Nausea is most experienced in the first day to few weeks of smoking cessation and relying on ginger to pull through is a wise decision.

4. Just like ginger, Lobelia helps to fight nausea.

5. Oats reduce or eliminate tobacco cravings, also, they reduce number of cigarettes desired even in those people not trying to quit.

6. The acidity in these 2 juices helps to eliminate the nicotine in the body system.

7. Smoking breaks down vitamin C therefore it is very important to take 5,000-20,000 mg. of vitamin C a day.

8. Mix fresh grated radish with 2 teaspoon of honey and drink it as a juice.

9. Vitamin E is a very important antioxidant needed to repair cell damage cause by smoke.

10. Chewing something or holding anything in the smoker’s mouth almost always work in exchange for the habit created by the cigarette.

What is Jaundice:

Jaundice is not a disease but rather a sign that can occur in many different diseases. Jaundice is the yellowish staining of the skinand sclerae (the whites of the eyes) that is caused by high levels inblood of the chemical bilirubin. The color of the skin and sclerae vary depending on the level of bilirubin.

When the bilirubin level is mildly elevated, they are yellowish. When the bilirubin level is high, they tend to be brown.Jaundice may arise from increased breakdown of red blood cells, inherited changes in bilirubin metabolism, liver diseaseor damage, and whenever there is interference with bile excretion.
Symptoms of Jaundice:

Common signs and symptoms of jaundice include:

* Yellow skin color
* Light-colored stools
* Dark- colored urine
* Itching of skin
* Severe constipation
* Dull pain in liver region

There are some underlying diseases which can result in additional symptoms of jaundice

* Nausea and vomiting
* Abdominal pain
* Newborn jaundice
* Swelling of legs and abdomen
* Confusion
* Loss of appetite
* weakness

Causes of Jaundice:

Jaundice may be caused by several different disease processes. It is helpful to understand the different causes of jaundice by identifying the problems that disrupt the normal bilirubin metabolism and/or excretion.

Home Remedies for Jaundice:

1. 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder mixed in a glass of hot water taken 2-3 times a day.

2. It is advisable to drink 8 glasses of water daily.

3. Make a paste of tender papaya leaves. Take 1/2 tsp of this paste with 1 tsp honey.

4. Leafy green vegetables and fruits are also beneficial for patients of jaundice.

5. Boil 1 cup of water, when it boils add 8-10 lemon leaves. Cover and leave for 4-5 minutes. Drink the decoction for 4-5 days.

6. A diet including lots of orange juice, sugarcane juice and barley water is prescribed for jaundice patients.

7. 1/2 tsp ginger juice, 1 tsp mint juice and 1tsp lime juice to be taken as often as possible.

8. 1 cup of juice made with radish leaves taken 2 times a day.

9. First thing in the morning, drink 1 glass of fresh Tomato juice. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to this.

10. Foods like coffee, alcohol, red meat and white sugar should be totally avoided.

Preventions of Jaundice:

1. Intake of dairy products like cheese and milk should be cut down.

2. A jaundice afflicted person requires plenty of sleep and rest.

Home Remedies for Blackheads | Blackhead Treatment

Blackheads are very common in young People but many of them do not know what they are.This is not a serious Problem for it leaves no permanent effect.However,taking regular care of theskin can prevent them.
Blackheads are follicles that have wider opening than the usual and are also known as open comedones and are frequently caused by over active sebaceous glandsBlackheads particularly appear on the facebackchest and other parts that have sebaceousglands. The remains created in are mainly responsible for providing black colour to the blackheads.

The main reason of black heads is the oily skin. The outside conditions are also a main factor which affects the origination ofblack heads. Lack of hygienic condition may also contributes in worsening the condition.

Home Remedies:
* Make a paste of ground radish seeds with water and apply on faceto get rid of blackheads. This works as the super natural home remedy for blackheads.

* A packet made with crushed potatoes packed in thin cloth (poultice) is quite effective in treating black heads.

* Warm honey and apply on the blackheads, wash the face after 10-15 minutes.

* Steaming is also beneficial as it opens and softens the pores for easy removal of blackheads.

* Fenugreek leave commonly known as methi in India are made into paste form by crushing it. It is then applied on face and the left untouched for 20 minutes then wash your face with luke warm water.

* Ground drumstick pods and leaves and mixed with fresh lime juice, and apply on blackhead and dark spots an efficient and easy to made home remedy for blackhead.

* Almond powder mixed with rose water and made into a fine paste. Now this paste is applied on black heads to see the marvelous results in black heads and other skin ailments.

* Mix the paste of tender neem leaves with turmeric and apply on the affected area. This is good blackhead remedy.

* Applications of beated white of egg on face and then wash it with luke warm water. After wards scrub your face dry with a clean towel. It helps in loosening of the black heads.

* Application of undiluted lemon juice 2-3 times a day on the affected areas will remove blackheads.

Home Remedies for Pimples | Pimple Home Remedies

Pimples are small lesions on the surface of the skin, which sometimes cause great nflammation and irritation. Pimples are formed when the pores on the skin becomes clogged or infected. This usually occurs when blackheads or white heads become severe. Sometimes pimples develop out of no reason and usually go away with the passage of time but in most cases these pimplesare an initial phase of acne or other skin problems. This usually happens when people ignore pimples, which results in severeacne. If further ignored acne pimples may often turn into uglyscars.
Causes of Pimples:

* Constipation
* Not cleansing the face thoroughly
* To much consumption of coca cola, tea, coffee
* Less consumption of water
* Late nights
* Hormonal imbalance

Symptoms of Pimples:

Pimples appears as whiteheads and blackheads on the face, shoulders, neck and chest. Pimple can range from mild to severe and can last a few weeks, months, years or can come and go throughout life. If a blemish becomes infected, a pimple can result. Severe acne can be painful and can cause serious scars if not treated.
Home Remedies for Pimples:

* Create a paste from ground orange peels and apply to affected areas.

* Juice of raw papaya is the best treatment for pimples. Apply fresh juice of raw papaya on pimples and get a good result.

* Gently apply fresh lime juice on pimples.

* Tea tree oil is another popular and effective remedy for pimples.

* The oatmeal mixture should be applied like a mask on the effected area for 20 minutes. This oatmeal mask should be used twice a week for great results.

* Mixing grind nutmeg with milk will work to remove pimples instantly.

* Applying an orange peel paste on the area of your face with pimples is another effective way. The orange peel should become a paste by grinding it with little water.

* Use boiled milk combined with fresh lime juice as facial wash for cracked skin, blackheads, and pimples.

* Mint juice when applied on every evening can treat pimples as well. It also effective in treating scabies, insect stings, skin infections, and eczema.

* Apply on the affected area for at least 1 hour the pulp of ripe tomatoes. Wash it off with water.

Home Remedies for Acne Scars | Acne Scar Removal

Acne Scars can be a problem if you are suffering from acne it’s aheadache but if you are not beware because it affects almost 90% of all humans and you might be the next one. Acne often leaves small scars where the skin gets a “volcanic” shape.
Acne Scars
Physical acne scars are often referred to as “Icepick” scars. This is because the scars tend to cause an indentation in the skin’s surface. Acne scars may result from failure to properly treat even mild superficial acne lesions, not only from severe inflammatory nodular or cystic acne occurring deep in the dermis. So you’ve better stop playing with fire and become proactive.
Acne Scars
Causes of Acne Scars:
As with all scars, the most common reason for acne scar is the loss of tissue. Many types of acne scars are the results of this cause. The well known ‘ice-pick’ scar, depressed scars, soft scars, atrophic macules to name major ones.
Acne Scars

Home Remedies For Acne Scars:
Some of the commonly used home remedies for acne scars are:
* Apply a mixture of sandalwood paste and rose water on theskin. Allow it to be there the whole night. Wash it only the next day. Keep on doing this each day until the scars disappears.

* Apply honey on the scars. Honey has medicinal value and it makes the scars disappear. You can also include honey as a part of your diet.

* Include fresh vegetables and fruits daily to reduce the scars due to acne.

* Drink plenty of water as it flushes out the unwanted toxins from the body.

* Applying ice on the face helps to tighten the pores. This helps in reducing the scars on the face.

* You can apply lemon juice on the scars. Leave it for some time on the skin. Applying lime juice regularly will reduce the acne scars.

* Egg whites are affective in treating acne scars. Apply it evenly on the scars using cotton.

* Olive oil can also be used to remove acne scars. It makes theskin very smooth.

* Aloe Vera can also be applied directly to the skin to removeacne scars.

* Cut the tomatoes into slices and rub them on the scars. This can be done each day to lighten the scars.

Warm Water

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